8 Dec 2014

A private collection.

About 8 years ago a link to a website was being passed around.The website purported to show an amazing collection of neglected but very interesting cars discovered in a large shed in Portugal by a surprised beneficiary of a will.The facts were much less colourful than the web story but this did not stop the link being dug out and passed around every few years and a new bunch of viewers saying  "amazing "and eagerly passing it onto their friends.I have not seen it lately so maybe it has run its course.

The collection in the photos below is real.It has not been discovered but is the personal private collection of an Italian collector,Mario Righini, and it is kept in a castle in Italy.The photo shows part of this very large collection of literally hundreds of amazing cars.
The second photo is the first independently Enzo Ferrari designed racing car-ACC 815- which is in the collection.He could not call it a Ferrari as he was still under contract to Alfa Romeo at the time.This particular car competed in the 1940 Brescia Grand Prix driven by Alberto Ascari.
Photos thanks to Graham Lawrence who was fortunate to visit this jewel of a collection.

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