21 Nov 2014

The Leica photographer

About 6 years ago I sold my lovely Leica M6 (film) camera and my collection of Leica lenses and spent the proceeds on restoring my 1971 Porsche 911.I wasn't using the Leica and it just seemed to be dead money.From time to time I wish that I had kept it-or better still that I could afford a new Leica M 240 -the latest digital version of the M rangefinder series-and a few of the latest lenses.
At the Le Mans Classic back in July friend Patrick and I caught up with his friend Michael who is both a Porsche driver and a committed Leica user.Despite his enthusiasm for Leicas and Porsches he still had some rough edges back in July-he wanted to sidetrack to go and look at a display of De Tomaso Panteras when there were far more interesting cars all around us but Patrick and I kept him walking in the right direction and he never mentioned Panteras again.
The photo shows Michael shooting with his Leica M9 in one of the LMC paddocks on the very wet Sunday morning.Michael tells me that he is using his 21mm Super- Elmar f3.4 lens on the Leica in this shot.
I really like this photo-it shows an artisan hard at work-and he definitely was not shooting a Pantera.Photo by me on my Leica X1.

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