12 Nov 2014

Rainy days....

Rain is in short supply around here again and the garden is rock hard.But Clarence Boudreau from Vancouver Island in Canada -another Leica user whose photos have appeared on the blog previously - sent me a great rain shot he had very effectively processed in Lightroom so I thought that I should put up a few of my rain shots to accompany it.
The first is one of my personal all time favourite shots-a policeman in Hanoi,Vietnam at morning rush hour on a wet morning.This was taken by me on Fuji Velvia slide film on a Leica M6.I know that have put this on the blog before but I do like it.
The second is a very wet morning in a park in central Tokyo-taken by me on a little Canon G7.This is a recent discovery -I had overlooked it for a few years but it is a very moody shot which captures for me a very damp day.
The third is from a very wet event -this year's Le Mans Classic in July and finally Clarence's Lightroom work taken on I believe a Leica Digilux 2.
I hope that these inspire others to take their cameras with them even when it is pouring down.

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  1. Yes John, I took this with my Leica Digilux 2. Thank you for adding your photos and creating a nice theme.