6 Nov 2014

On props

I've seen a few aircraft propellers over the years but never really thought about them .So I was intrigued to learn whilst visiting Luskintyre (see post below) that Tiger Moths have wooden propellers many of which are made from Queensland maple by an Australian company,Invincible Airscrews,which was in Sydney but which has recently relocated to the Hunter Valley near to the Tiger Moths at Luskintyre.
Obviously propellers have to be made to the highest levels of quality-no picking up a cheap Chinese copy on ebay- and apparently the Invincible props are made to the original De Havilland drawings.I don't know how much a prop costs but I am sure they don't come cheap.I would like to see and photograph how they are made.The company and the process sounds really interesting.I will call them and see if they would let me visit them as they are not that far away.Watch this space.In the meantime some propeller photos.Leica X Vario photos.

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