15 Nov 2014

More rainy days...........

The rainy days sequence in the previous post  below has been so well received-thanks for the emails-that I though that I should add some more rainy day photos.Particularly as yesterday we had a very hot day-41ºC on the drive back from Sydney.That's hot by any standards and a good time to wish for a rainy day or two.
First photo taken back in June on a very wet day in Dürnstein,Austria.The rain was there a few weeks later when I took the second ,third and fourth photos in Paris on a wonderful street near my hotel in the 7th arr.
And it was still raining at the Le Mans Classic  when I spotted someone who was prepared for the weather with her red "wellies".
The line up of wet 356 Porsches was also taken at the Le Mans Classic.
The umbrellas by the lake was taken in 2004 in Hanoi on Fuji Velvia slide film on the same morning I photographed the rush hour photo on the first rainy days post.And the sea of umbrellas was taken in Tokyo a couple of hours after the previous wet morning in the park in Tokyo shot.All the recent photos were taken on my Leica X1 apart from the Tokyo shot which was taken on my Canon G7.
In response to the email asking how I take photos in the rain without getting the camera wet my answer is with great difficulty.Cameras and water do not mix-particularly today's electronic cameras where one drop of moisture on a circuit board can literally mean"goodbye Mr Chips".
Some modern camera are weather sealed but this does not mean that they are that waterproof.The cameras I use are not sealed so I stand under an awning,or in an archway as in the first photo or hold the camera with one hand and an umbrella in the other as in the Tokyo shots .Sometimes I put a plastic bag around the camera but that is strictly a short term measure just to keep the rain off for a few seconds.

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