8 Nov 2014

Just crazy

The craziest or perhaps bravest thing I have seen in 2014 has to be the young ski jumpers practicing in mid June on the ski jump in Innsbruck,Austria.They jump onto wet astroturf.
That's a local cemetery just beyond the ski jump.That must concentrate their minds as they hurtle down.Just crazy.They seemed so nonchalant about it.Like it was something they do every day -which it probaby is.
What I had not realised until I saw them jumping is that their skis run in two channels down the jump.Until then I thought that they had to free ski down the slope steering themselves.
The tiny red dot on the green in the bottom photo is the red skiier in the first photo shuffling off the turf.
 Leica X1 photos taken from the balcony of the observation deck.

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  1. I gave up skiing because it was usually too cold in the Canadian Rockies. I may take it up again (not jumping) if they'd build a Summer ski hill.