11 Oct 2014

The battered Parisien bunny mystery

There are shops in Paris full of what they say are antiques.But to me much of what they display looks like junk or near junk -the detritus from deceased estates.

This particular shop -in the area known as Village Saint-Paul in the 4th arrondissement which is populated with antique shops - was displaying a strange collection of stuff much of which would have felt right at home in my local Salvation Army store.

 What's the story behind this obviously once well loved toy rabbit now kept under a glass dome? Is it really of any value? Is it an example of the work of a once well known Parisien soft toy artisan? Does it smell of dust and age, musty cupboards and a long since grown up child? Why would anyone want to buy it now? Can anyone really love an already battered bunny? Maybe it was once owned by a child who grew up to be famous.Perhaps it was once an infant Charles de Gaulle's favourite toy. Who knows? Questions I will never have answered. If only the battered bunny could talk .

Photo taken in July 2014 on my Leica X1 whilst I was pursuing my favourite occupation in Paris-- being a flâneur.For an explanation see Flâneur 
I love taking photos such as this.Photos which tell a story or later evoke memories and the atmosphere of a place.

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