23 Oct 2014

Old glass

I took the photo below of one of my granddaughters last weekend.The interesting part is that it was taken with an old lens-Zeiss Sonnar F2.8 90mm in a Contax G Mount on a Sony A7 using a cheap ($29) Chinese adaptor.This particular lens is a beautiful piece of glass and the example I used is in pristine condition.I would rate it as highly as the 90mm Elmarit Leica M lens I used to own.
The Chinese adaptors are a really good way of using old lenses on a variety of cameras.A very good article on the adaptors,by George Fox Lang, can be found at Chinese Adaptors
George has also written a very good piece on using old Olympus Zuiko lenses see Zuiko lenses
If you need any convincing about the quality of those Zuiko lenses which can be picked up very cheaply nowadays take a look at the Ferrari story below.

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