15 Oct 2014

It's not always sunshine

After very warm weather last week and a beautiful weekend-see previous story-a series of massive storms have swept across NSW in the past 48 hours bringing gale force winds, heavy rain and even snow on the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.The winds have really whipped up the sea.This photo was taken looking south from North Avoca at 10.00 am today.Those waves are seriously big.Taken with my Leica X Vario.I would have liked to have done better but it was pissing down with rain at the time and Leicas and rain do not mix so it was a case of a few grab shots from under the rain jacket and this heavily cropped shot is the best of them.
At Terrigal there are surfers in the sea but they are too far out and it is too wet to photograph them.Brave -or perhaps silly- people.
I have converted one of the shots into black and white.Maybe it's more graphic.It certainly looks as miserable as it felt.Can hardly complain about the weather though.

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