25 Oct 2014

Chrome,tats,rock and roll and Elvis

It is the annual Chromefest hot rod show at The Entrance,NSW this weekend over three days.It gets bigger every year.More cars,more bands and rock and roll,more tats and more Elvises.
I was there this morning-Saturday- with my camera.It was hot and really bright and as entertaining as ever.I certainly had plenty of photographic competition there today-smartphones dominated followed by Canon DSLRs.
I am disappointed that I missed out on the shot of the day-an older man with a completely shaved head which was totally tatooed -scalp,face,ears,neck and all. I asked him cheerily if I could photograph him and he told me to "f... off" .Which I did pronto.Disappointing but discretion is the better part of valour.
The raised finger bonnet( hood) mascot is on a cutdown coupe Morris Minor.My first job in the motor industry was at the Cowley in Oxford in the UK and they were still making the Morris Minor then.I never would have dreamt then that I would be seeing one made into a skunk rod and on display in Australia 46 years later.
Here's today's crop from my 90 mins at the show.All taken with the Leica XVario.

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