1 Oct 2014

Another Porsche Museum

Whilst the Porsche museum in Stuttgart is deservedly the museum for Porsche enthusiasts there is an interesting private Porsche museum in Gmünd,Austria which is worth visiting if you are in southern Austria-particularly if you are a 356 enthusiast.
Gmünd is the spiritual birthplace of Porsche sports cars -- the Porsche family decamped there between 1944 and 1950 before they moved back to Stuttgart.It is where the first Porsche sports car was conceived and was tested over the surrounding mountain passes.
The Helmut Pfeifhofer Porsche Museum is located right in Gmünd which is a really charming town-see photo.The museum is not big but the exhibits are varied and interesting.
Gmünd is to the north of Villach off the Villach to Salzburg autobahn.Nearby is the superb Nockalmstrasse -mountain pass road through an alpine national park-see Nockalmstrasse and photo below.That is a superb drive -pity that I was not in a Porsche.Leica X1 photos.

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