20 Sep 2014

Weird in Shanghai.

This has to go down as one of the weirdest scenes I have ever come across or photographed. Communal ballroom dancing at dawn on the Bund beside the river in the centre of Shanghai. I took this photo in 2004 but it's probably still going on now every morning weather permitting. And how about that pollution? It was bad then. Today it is much worse. Photographed with a Leica Digilux 1-a camera which produced nice colour but which by today's standards is very vintage. There is no detail in the shadows-just sensor noise. Leica were not convinced then that digital was going to totally eclipse film and I guess at the time you could understand their reservations however they had not factored in the rapid rate of improvement in digital cameras and the sensors in particular. If I took this photo today on my X1 or X Vario it would be a much better photo at least technically.
However despite the technical deficiency of the camera another shot I took that same morning was awarded a Mark of Excellence recently in an international i-shot-it photo competition.See Mark of Excellence
Which goes to show that the camera does not really matter.

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