16 Sep 2014

Top End sea creatures

See previous story on the Top End.Some photos of encounters with some of the sea creatures of the Top End.I did see a pod of whales frollicking off Cable Beach,Broome but they were way too out for my modest lens to capture them.No sharks seen but two saltwater crocodiles seen in Willie Creek up from Cable Beach.Salties are like some of the people you encounter on internet forums-they trawl around looking for innocent victims and then they attack them in a very aggressive manner.The croc photo was taken with a 70mm lens and was as close as the skipper of the little tinnie boat was prepared to go and I had no problem with that.
Broome has been a major centre for pearl farming for over 100 years and the divers and workers associated with the pearl industry are responsible for Broome's strong Japanese and Chinese connections.Over the years the pearl industry has waxed and waned and nearly disappeared when pearl buttons were displaced by plastic buttons but today it is thriving with big floating pearl farms still employing some Japanese workers in seeding the oysters.The shot of the pearl in the oyster is sadly a set up.
The orange blob next to my sandals is a big jellyfish.There were hundreds of these marooned on Cable Beach each morning.These give you a nasty sting but it is not fatal.Leica XVario photos

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