13 Aug 2014

The wonderful Demon Drome-Wall of Death

The wonderful Demon Drome team were at the Le Mans Classic again as promised see DEMON DROME and their show was better than ever and this year they were attracting big crowds.

The light inside the drome is poor and strongly red/orange from the canvas top and is very difficult to correct so I have made these shots black and white as a workaround.Leica X1 and Sony a7 photos.It's not an easy subject to photograph.I tried manual focus but the light is so low that you need a wide aperture and the bikes move so quickly that it is very difficult to get them in the very narrow focus zone.Both these action shots were taken on rapid sequence drive  using autofocus-and they are really the only sharp ones out of more than a few.I put these two down to luck -not skill.

If you get a chance to see the Demon Drome don't miss it.It's a real old fashioned thriller.

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