20 Aug 2014

Stormy weather

After months of very dry weather on the east coast of NSW the last few days have been a real contrast.Sydney received August's average rainfall in three days and up here in Terrigal it has been the same story-torrential rain and strong winds.The rainwater tanks are full and the garden is green again.Time for the rain to take time out.
The strong winds have whipped up big seas and the more daring surfers were in at Avoca Beach Tuesday afternoon.I took an unusual camera outfit down to try and capture some of the action-a Sony a7 fitted with the 150mm Zeiss Sonnar from my Hasselblad via an adapter.
The Zeiss lens is normally superb on the Blad but the quality of the images from the Sony-at least this afternoon -are a bit underwhelming to my mind.The light was very low and flat which did not help and there was rain and moisture in the air which made it even flatter.
As you can see the waves were huge.That's a female surfer really showing the local lads how it is done in the last shot and that white object just off the headland in the distance is a wave.As I said-huge.

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