7 Aug 2014

Spotted in Paris

Small curiosities seen in passing in Paris last month.Leica X1 photos.

A very large nice old dog fast asleep in the passenger seat of a parked car in the street near the Eiffel Tower.Almost human.I should have checked to see if there was a person curled up asleep on the back seat.

Check out that price label.250 euros - that's $375.There are some things I do not understand.And never will.

An 80's 911 parked outside a restaurant at lunchtime in one of the best parts of town.It looks right at home.An old 'un and a good 'un.

Spotted in the window of a dusty old antique shop in the 7th.A handsome couple indeed.

Menu in  window of very discreet restaurant on Rue Saint-Domique in the 7th.Add on 50% to quickly convert the prices to Aus and US dollars.Yes that's right 2 courses for $240 and that excludes wine.And you can imagine what the wine list looks like.I hope that the waiters speak Russian.

I posted this photo in my earlier black and white photos of wet Paris but this view from an internal staircase in the Grand Palais does look better in colour.

                      And finally a very graphic sign on the bank of the Seine.

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