10 Aug 2014

Bikes up the Creek

I went down to Sydney Motor Sport Park yesterday- that's its new upmarket name but I can't help but still call it Eastern Creek .It was a foggy drive on the way down which is pretty unusual here and I actually had the heater turned up high in the Porsche as by our standards it was really quite cold.After 12 years of ownership I have rarely used the heater on the car and still do not understand how the controls operate.I was once told that some German universities once offered 3 year BSc degrees in understanding the heating and ventilation controls on the early 911.
There was a Porsche Club motorcross on the skidpan and motorcycle racing on the long circuit.My mission was to take some photos of the motorcycles.I am not a fan of motorkhanas.I can never remember the courses.
I have a new toy.A quite amazing toy-a Leica X Vario.The zoom lens version of the X 1 Leica I have so enthusiastically used for the past 4 years.I will blog more about the camera later but suffice to say that the image quality is breathtaking.The lens is quite extraordinary.I find it difficult to moderate my enthusiasm for the new camera-it is just superb.
For those who are interested in the tech details all the photos are jpegs with just minor -very minor- tweaking or cropping -on a few -otherwise straight from the camera.
Here is a portfolio of the photos I took of what was a very laid back day of racing.I love the smell of revving two strokes.Just don't tell the greenies.
Einstein once described insanity as doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result each time.I would define insanity as being a passenger on a racing motorcycle sidecar outfit.Photos of insane people and their feet follow.

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