26 Jul 2014

Lancia Appia GTZ-a very rare jewel

One of the great things about the Le Mans Classic is the huge number of classic cars driven to the event by enthusiasts from all over Europe.We even saw 15 Porsches from Porsche Club Poland on their way to the event and that is a long drive.
And for absolute rarity how about this Lancia Appia GTZ we spotted in the very wet car park of the UMarche supermarket
just down the road from the circuit on the Saturday morning?
The Lancia Appia was a small saloon made by Lancia in the 1950's.The GTZ was a Zagato bodied version made in very small numbers in 1957.Sources say that only 39 GTZs were made.So this one is as rare as the proverbial rocking horse droppings.The GTZ was followed by the GTE which had a slightly different body style and was made in much greater numbers.
The great thing about the car I saw is that it is in such original condition and the owner was not being precious about it.And such marvellous detailing and the distinctive Zagato roofline humps-Zagato's "trademark" feature.
Another reason to go to the Le Mans Classic 2016.You'll see cars you've never heard of -yet alone seen before.
When I googled the Appia GTZ I found quite a few photos of this particular car so it does not hide its light under a bushel and is obviously well known in Lancia enthusiast circles.

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