4 Jun 2014

On the street-Hong Kong and Terrigal

Not exactly low profile.An SLK 200 AMG Mercedes spotted on the street in Kowloon ,Hong Kong.In both China and Hong Kong you see many big cars with small capacity engines.That's not to say that there are not quite a few cars with big engines.Early on a Sunday morning I saw the ultimate group of rich boys toys blatting down the expressway at Causeway Bay,Hong Kong.They were driving like they were on the opening lap of the Le Mans 24 hours-dodging and weaving at very high speed.There was very little other traffic around which is just as well.There were about 20 cars made up of the latest models from Ferrari,Lamborghini,McLaren,Porsche and Aston Martin.It was an extraordinary sight.If they had driven like that in Australia and most other countries they would have been in jail by now.
It's easy to look askance at the small engined big cars but in Hong Kong in particular and also in Chinese cities there really is no need for big engines.Driving speeds are low and distances travelled are small.And modern small engines are surprisingly powerful anyway as well as being very frugal.Perhaps the AMG SLK200 is unremarkable -- apart from the numberplate - after all.Makes more sense than the ML630 AMG biturbo spotted on the street in Terrigal.Overkill in its purest form.

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