20 Jun 2014


Cycling has always been popular in many European cities but it seems to have become much more popular in the last few years.Now there are cyclists everywhere and unlike here in Australia they do not have to wear helmets.Cyclists and cars and pedestrians seem to peacefully co-exist and after three weeks driving in Germany and Austria I became much more cyclist aware particularly when turning left or right.
It is a pity that here in Australia we have such a negative attitude towards cycling in our cities.An attitude which is fostered mainly by politicians and radio shock jocks who are too old, too fat and too lazy to ride a bike themselves. I do have a bike and yes I do ride it.
And because there are so many bicycles in cities in Europe you find them left quite literally everywhere.The pictures below were all taken in the early morning in Munich and Vienna and there are bikes left in the middle of public places.Going by the state of some of the tyres some of the bikes are abandoned but most have just been left overnight.Outside Munich's main railway station there is a bike area with quite literally thousands of bikes.Most are used daily by commuters who travel in by train and then hop on their bike and ride to the office.

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