14 May 2014

The obsessed phone users of Hong Kong

Most major cities in the world now have their zombie phone users walking the streets tapping and scrolling their smartphones.But surely the most extreme phone zombie city has to be Hong Kong where it seems as if 90% of the residents are obsessed with their mobiles.Everywhere on the streets,on trams,in restaurants and on the subway mobile users are tapping and scrolling.
There are continuous announcements on the MTR subway urging phone users to look up from their phones and hold the handrail whilst using the escalators.It's just as well that car ownership is so limited in Hong Kong otherwise traffic accidents from mobile use would be everywhere.I have never seen anything like it.It is verging on the bizarre.
Many of the phones are big screen Samsungs.From observation and the number of shops selling Samsung about 90% of the phones in Hong Kong and China must be Samsung.Apple is definetely playing second fiddle..
Some photos of Hong Kong phoners taken last month.Leica X1.

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