5 May 2014

Retro Speedfest

I drove down to the Retro Speedfest at Sydney MotorSport Park (formerly Eastern Creek) yesterday.This was a new event put on to try and attract more spectators to an historic event.There were quite a few more spectator cars in the car park than usual for an historic race meeting so maybe they suceeded.The inclusion of "big banger" historic saloons on the race schedule was a great idea as they put on some very entertaining racing.
From a photography point of view it was a flat day for me.The problem was that I knew so many people that I spent most of the time either talking or watching the racing -not taking photos.

It was great to see friend Craig's 911 S perform impeccably in the regularity event as it was nearly 12 months ago that the totally rebuilt car failed during practice at last year's Porsche Rennsport.No one was more relieved than Craig's wife.
 Good friend Keith Berryman was back behind the wheel of his mighty Can Am Matich after a 2 year layoff .It now powered by a totally new motor said to be putting out 540bhp.
Justin Reed arrived in his newly restored 911L which looked immaculate with its Dark Mettalic Green paint-the original colour.

There was a very well known Porsche 962 racing,demo runs by some original F1 cars,some great big banger saloon races with a Ford Galaxie reminding us what power slides look like,a very neat slotcar track which almost has me planning to build one,a friend who told me that he has just bought a 1921 Delage fitted with an 18.4 litre Hispano Suiza aircraft engine - I cannot wait to see that one-and well just a nice laid back vibe and beautiful weather.
My thin photo pickings....

Dummy grid - first race of the day.Blue sky,dry track,cool conditions,single seaters,Australia-perfection.

Brian Taylor with his replacement Mustang for the one which was destroyed in a mighty big shunt at Philip Island last year.

If you're in the team for this one a big grey beard and braces are de rigeur.

Can you remember when cigarette sponsorship of motor racing was legal?

To drive the Sunoco Special you need big balls

Those were the days.Bennetton,Berger and BMW M turbo power and proper Pirelli tyres .I don't know what Eurobags did though.Perhaps Bernie used them to carry the money home.

The ultimate Porsche toy?

I've raced everywhere man..,,

Do you need a hand there granddad?

Matt Hart , photographer and fast pedaller

This is what an action shot looks like when you try and take a racing car going down the main straight with a Leica X1.

Justin Reed's 911 straight from its restoration

And this is Justin who seems pleased with the resto but who looks dressed for the Goodwood Revival with that cap.
Yes , I found myself parked next to a Triumph Spitfire.I wonder if it goes any faster with those fancy wheels?

The Morgan "easy to close" roof.

Craig's 911S looking almost concours despite a couple of days on the track.
Craig-smiling.What a difference 11 months makes.

Keith Berryman's mighty Matich

The man himself

it's him again.

Waiting for the restart after a red flag stopped the race

A small problem at the back end


  1. Great photos John. It was a great day all round with lots of nice cars, nice people to talk to about their cars, & no rain.

  2. John,

    Captured the day perfectly, and thanks for including the shot of my "bucket of bolts"

    I'm very happy with it, and ti was a great day to debut it.