28 May 2014

Postcards from Hong Kong -part 2

If you live in Hong Kong you work,you shop and you eat.Eating can be at home or in anything from a Michelin starred French restaurant to a hole in the wall noodle take-away to a Chinese restaurant seating hundreds or even thousands.The Chinese eat quickly so there is a very rapid turnover in the big Chinese restaurants particularly at lunchtime.It can be like eating in a big railway station-all movement and noise.
Here are some photos of eating,food and food shopping in Hong Kong from my visit last month.No Michelin restaurants but some hole in the wall eating and some very in your face butchers.Don't you like pig's trotters? Not for me either but I do like warm egg custard tarts.
I really enjoy this sort of photography.Hong Kong has a unique atmosphere and even smell.Not as distinct as it was 40 years ago see Hong Kong -then and now but it is still there and these photos evoke that atmosphere and that smell for me.

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