24 May 2014

Postcards from Hong Kong -part 1-

More photos from my recent China/Hong Kong trip -these from Hong Kong.As always I used my Leica X1.
Presumably younger Chinese go to gyms but first thing in the morning Hong Kong's few empty spaces and sad,worn out parks are full of older Chinese doing exercises and tai chi sometimes singly but usually in orchestrated groups.There is enormous pressure on facilities and as you can see from the photo of the swimming pool the lanes run across the pool so that presumably more swimmers can use the pool at the same session.
One of the main parks on Hong Kong Island ,Victoria Park, used to be a wonderful oasis of green.Now it is a sad space with worn out grass-mainly bare earth- and litter and corners annexed by flyovers and expressway ramps.Very sad to see particularly in a city where there is so much wealth.
To find colour in Hong Kong you have to look.Otherwise it can look uniformly grey.To live in Hong Kong it seems you have to love buildings and expressways because the parks are worn out and even the harbour has lost its lustre and is actually getting smaller as they reclaim land on both sides.

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