25 May 2014

Not just the 919

The Porsche factory are seriously back into racing and Le Mans in particular.There was long drought spell probably down to having a CEO-Wiedeking- who did not believe in motor racing but since he has gone it's all on again.Mind you it's not surprising that Wiedeking did not like motor racing.His hobby is growing potatoes.Yes potatoes.Apparently he is an expert.I can't imagine a man who appreciates growing potatoes ever enjoying motor racing but each to his own.And with Wiedeking now long gone but still counting his termination payment the enthusiasts are back.

Last year a Porsche Team Manthey -- the works team for the GTE category-with the then new 991 GT3 RSR won the GTE Pro category and they are hoping to repeat that performance again in this year's race.The switch to the 991 which had been designed with input from the competition dept has also been a critical factor in the return to form.

During the works team's long absence it was down privateer teams to keep the Porsche flag flying at Le Mans. Overall they were succesful but for a few years leading upto last year's Le Mans comeback Ferraris and even Corvettes were leading Porsches home in the GT classes which was pretty distressing for Porsche fans.
2009 was one of those bad years.Pictured is the 997 GT3 RSR of IMSA Matmut Performance Racing.They finished way down in their class and 38th overall.They will be hoping to do a lot better in this year's race.A Canon G9 photo .

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