1 May 2014

Land of contrasts

How's this for a contrast? A group going home in a tricycle cart-two of them wearing what surely must be vintage Chairman Mao outfits-or can you still buy them in China? It looks like hard work pedalling that load -let's hope the ride home is flat.And beside them and behind them are similar basic vehicles but in the background going in the opposite direction there is a Range Rover Sport.And it's not as if it is a one off Range Rover -there are so many of them even in the small towns.
Can China manage to contain such blatant inequality?Chairman Mao must be spinning in his grave.Lenin would be spinning in his too if they did not have him pinned down in that mausoleum in Moscow.
Sadly growing inequality is not just a Chinese problem.It's a major issue in many countries but particularly in the US,in the UK and even here in Australia.The rich are getting richer-very much richer- and the poor are standing still.And it ain't fair.
Photo taken in Guilin ,China,April 2014.

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