18 May 2014

A rare Mini?

I went to a local car show at The Entrance today.Pretty standard "meat and two veg" cars on show except for one possible gem-a Broadspeed Mini GT or a very good replica of a Broadspeed Mini GT.
The Mini GT was a cut down coupe version of the Mini Cooper made by Ralph Broad's Broadspeed Engineeering in the UK in 1966-67.Not many were made -it was expensive and really rather pointless.Broadspeed went on to bigger and better things in the world of motorsport leaving the Mini GT as a curiosity.
I can't tell if this car is the real thing.If it is it's nicely restored.And if it is a replica-which I rather suspect it is-it is an excellent piece of work.


  1. Really I have never seen something like that

  2. That very cute mini is indeed a rare kind. Kudos to those artists who replicated the Broadspeed Mini GT! I can only imagine how amazed you were when you saw that car. Anyway, thanks for sharing those pictures. Car shows never fail to amaze car lovers like us, don't they? :)

    Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru