18 May 2014

A rare Mini?

I went to a local car show at The Entrance today.Pretty standard "meat and two veg" cars on show except for one possible gem-a Broadspeed Mini GT or a very good replica of a Broadspeed Mini GT.
The Mini GT was a cut down coupe version of the Mini Cooper made by Ralph Broad's Broadspeed Engineeering in the UK in 1966-67.Not many were made -it was expensive and really rather pointless.Broadspeed went on to bigger and better things in the world of motorsport leaving the Mini GT as a curiosity.
I can't tell if this car is the real thing.If it is it's nicely restored.And if it is a replica-which I rather suspect it is-it is an excellent piece of work.


  1. Really I have never seen something like that

  2. That very cute mini is indeed a rare kind. Kudos to those artists who replicated the Broadspeed Mini GT! I can only imagine how amazed you were when you saw that car. Anyway, thanks for sharing those pictures. Car shows never fail to amaze car lovers like us, don't they? :)

    Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru

  3. Yes she's a replica. The Mini Broadspeed GT had a fibreglass rear end spliced into the back. It did not have a boot. The rear back panel with the rear lights is also not indented enough. The petrol cap was in the centre of the rear at the back. BUT I'D STILL TAKE HER HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!