10 May 2014

A pie and car talk

Last Wednesday another VSCC lunchtime gathering of interesting cars and their often eccentric owners at the Pie in the Sky cafe at Cowan on the Old Pacific Highway north of Sydney with a group of Porsche classics ( drivers and cars that is) at the same venue for some pies and a few coffees and car talk.
A pretty rare car in Australia,indeed anywhere,is the Fiat Abarth 750 which turned up.It is based in Fiat running gear and is a very simple structure - more like a coachbuilt bathtub-with two tiny bucket seats and no seat belts.Apparently it is surprisingly quick but rather him than me in Sydney traffic.
I followed one of the early 1923 Vauxhalls (pictured) on the Old Pacific Highway on the way down and he really was not hanging about on what is a pretty demanding road.The back end was hopping about on the bumps and I could see the very narrow tyres just hanging on in the fast corners.He really believed in keeping up his momentum but probably that is because the brakes are pretty ineffective.It was great to see an old car being driven so briskly.
David Nicholls was there in his Porsche 550 replica and I followed him on the way back down one of the best sections of the old highway to Brooklyn imagining that I was in hot pursuit of a works 550 on the Targa Florio-see last two photos.I am usually not enthusiastic about replicas but David's is a good one with Porsche running gear.
I have photographed this gathering a few months ago and posted a story and a series of black and white photos but I have come around to  thinking that maybe the black and white fashion is well and truly overdone so this one is back in colour.All Leica X1 jpegs.

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