23 Apr 2014

it's a dog's life-in black and white

I've had my Leica X1 for 4 years and I have never taken a black and white photo with it.I have taken many colour photos and converted them to black and white using Lightroom or Silver EFX Pro software but I have never set the camera to black and white in the menu and used it to take a black and white picture.Why? Because I have the software to convert it on the computer and also because the so called experts advise that in camera black and white does not produce satisfactory results.Perhaps they are right for most cameras.
Well last week I saw some black and white shots on taken on a Leica X Vario on the jpeg high contrast black and white setting and they were excellent see so on sunday I tried it.I am pleased with the result.I also took the RAW file of the same shot and converted it to black and white in Silver EFX Pro and despite putting a fair bit of time in trying to optimise the converted photo I prefer the straight out of the camera shot.A win to Leica.

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