16 Apr 2014

Early adopter

Patrick ,who lives in Namur,Belgium sent me this photo of a BMW i3 electric car spotted leaving his local shopping centre.It's the first one he had seen on the road and he remarks that it in the metal it looks less attractive than the press photos.I have to agree and maybe the Kia/Hyundai colour does not help but it is disappointing that it is not obviously a BMW.The one thing about BMWs over more than 60 years is that they have been recognisably BMW and part of a lineage.This one looks like an interloper -which in some ways it is.
Despite the questionnable styling it is by all accounts a remarkable piece of engineeering.I am sure that this early adopter will be feeling more than a little smug.An electric car and it's a BMW at the same time.What more could one want apart from triple the range before a recharge?Or should that be an electrizing?See previous story.

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