12 Apr 2014

5 days in China with a Leica X1 -part 2

The second batch of photos from the recent China trip were taken in Guilin and on the Li River.The karst limestone peak scenery of this area is arguably the most well known landscape in China.The four hour boat trip from Guilin to Yangshou through the most spectacular part of the river gorge is taken by thousands of predominantly Chinese tourists every day and from 9-10.00 am the river at Guilin is filled with an armada of big tourist boats heading off downstream.As you travel downstream "pirate boats" made of bamboo logs lashed together and manned by ever optimistic fruit vendors come alongside the tourist boats and the men cling to the sides of the boats balancing precariously on their rafts as they try to sell fruit to the passengers through the boat windows.
At various points smaller tourist boats filled with Chinese tourists all wearing life jackets cluster on the river.
Lunch is served on the big tourist boats but the western tourists including myself prefer to bring their own lunch on board as the boat food is prepared using river water and following a number of "gastric incidents" the western tourists are now warned off taking the boat lunch.The couple in the photos seem to be enjoying a substantial lunch and don't appear to have any concerns about side effects.The Tsing Tao beer the boats serve is OK fortunately.
I was in Guilin during a public holiday designated for visiting the tombs of ancestors and vendors were selling paper flowers and other paper items for people to put on the graves.The two streetside shots were taken in the magic hour just before dusk in Guilin.Nothing like a quick family game of cards beside the main road before you head home to put the only child to bed.
The woman in traditional dress was attending a function in the hotel and I could not resist asking if I could take her photo and she agreed.I wish that I had had more time to pose her but I did not want to intrude anymore than I had.
All Leica X1 photos.

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