20 Mar 2014

What happened to windsurfing?

I recently found this photo of Terrigal Beach,NSW,Australia taken on New Years Day 1989.I've not put it up because it has any photographic merit and anyway it is scratched and faded.
No, two things stand out.Firstly the same scene today would have dozens of little tent shelters on the beach - not just the umbrellas- and secondly today you would be very lucky to see one windsurfer in the ocean -yet alone dozens.I did see a lone windsurfer on Tuggerah Lake a few months back but I have not seen one on the ocean for ages.Why have they disappeared? Was windsurfing too expensive? Was the gear too cumbersome? Was it too difficult? Was waiting for the wind too tiresome? Or is there another explanation? Or has it just declined in Australia and it is still strong elsewhere? I'm curious to know.

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