3 Mar 2014

Lost worlds- 2

On an earlier post see Korkula I posted a 1968 photo taken by my brother of a market stall in Korcula on the Dalmatian Coast of what was then Yugoslavia and is today Croatia.I have now found some early photos taken by me in 1967 when I went to the same area.The negative file says that they were taken on the island of Hvar.I have tried to verify this using Google streetview but I cannot be certain as it has all changed so much.
The photos were taken on my Leica 3A with a 50mm F2.8 Elmar lens-my only lens at the time- on East German (GDR) Orwo film which I had bought locally and which I developed myself.The film was certainly grainy.I used to have prints of these photos which I had printed on warm tone cream photo paper.Very period -but they have long gone so I have resurrected the look thanks to Silver EFX software.
I did take one whole cassette-36 exposures of Kodachrome 25 slide film on that trip but when that was gone I had to fall back on the local,very cheap,Orwo black and white film.
The Dalmatian Coast was very unspoilt at that time.No big hotels and apartment blocks and big panoramic view seafood restaurants,no marinas,no satellite dishes on the roofs,few shops,very few cars and not that many tourists.A lost world.

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