4 Mar 2014

Let's go surfing

Two surfing photos.The first-above- a recent shot taken at Avoca Beach here on the Central Coast of NSW,Australia.How was it taken-have I abandoned my compact camera idelogy and invested in (or hired) a DSLR and a big lens? No,I took it from the rocks the far end of the beach on my humble Canon G9 at the maximum zoom - equivalent to 210mm on a fullframe camera.It was taken at 1/1250th of a second at F8.I have worked on it in Lightroom and slighly cropped it.It would be great if there was more detail on the surfer but there is not enough info in the jpeg to pull out more detail. Obviously I could do a lot better with the right gear but from an old compact camera worth very little nowadays I reckon that it's not so bad.
The second shot appeared on TRR in the very early days and was taken with my then brand new Leica X1 from nearly the same location.I love this shot.Very Avoca.And the Leica shows its class compared with the shot above but then I could not have taken the shot above with the Leica.As surfers would say "them's the breaks".

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