21 Mar 2014

From the Hasselblad

I bought my Hasselblad outfit nearly two years ago.I have not used it for months.It is way too heavy to carry far and it has been so hot and sunny for so long conditions have hardly been conducive to film photography.This afternoon I rescanned a photo I took soon after I bought the Blad.I have a better handle on the scanner and Lightroom now and I am much happier with the photo of "Snowy" -the first shot below.This was taken on Kodak Tri-X film.

Now the The Rolling Road hasn't gone soft and lapsed into "frogs on logs" photography but for something completely different here are some flower photos which I took because I had grown the plants - which makes them more interesting -and because close ups with a Hasselblad are technically challenging.The photos are of hibiscus flowers in my garden and were taken on Kodak Portra 400 film using the Hasselblad with the 80mm Planar lens on an extension tube which I bought in a clearout sale by a camera shop in Perth about 12 months ago.Modern digital camera have a macro close focus setting.On an Blad it is much more complex.A very different sort of photography.

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