9 Mar 2014

Fishy photo

When I moved from a PC to a Mac about four years ago I plugged the hard drive containing the thousands of images I was migrating into the Mac and hey presto they all were hoovered up automatically by iPhoto-which at the time I thought was wonderful.About three years ago I stopped using iPhoto as my photo organiser and changed over to Lightroom.Since then I have from time to time accessed images from the big iPhoto library but much of the material appearing on the blog has been taken recently or has been scanned in from slides and negatives .
Somehow about 9 months ago I managed to corrupt the iPhoto library and I could not access many of the old images.
Now Apple being Apple it's not a question of clicking on the iPhoto library folder and opening it up and pulling out the images.Oh no-it's the usual Apple "walled garden" although it's more like a locked box which you cannot access other than through the iPhoto application.After visiting many help sites and forums and trying various repair fixes -none of which worked-yesterday afternoon I decided to reload the whole iPhoto library from the back up-Time Machine.So it reloaded 18634 photos-made up of an original and multiple copies-sometimes upto 12- of most but not all of them.Why this has happened I do not understand.Worse still all the classifications and sorting has gone missing-there are no"events" or "albums".I now have 18634 photos many of which are duplicates in one giant folder on iPhoto called "recent downloads".
Sorting them out again will be a massive task which if I am realistic I will almost certainly never find the time to do.Although fortunately they are in time order.I have made a copy of them all and put them into another folder well away from the clutches of iPhoto.
Looking through them again was good and I had forgotten how much interesting stuff there is there.
This little gem made up of photos taken on my Canon G7 in Tokyo's famous fish market a few years ago caught my eye.

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