25 Mar 2014

Barry Sheene Festival of Speed-some photos.

I went to the Barry Sheene Festival of Speed at Sydney Motorsport Park on Sunday.A great vintage motorcycle racing meeting.Some wonderful machinery, more than a few characters,some people who were certifiably mad -sidecar racers- and a terrific atmosphere and as far away from the poseurs and wannabees of F1,V8 Supercars and Porsche Carrera Cup as you could get.
I took my camera  and concentrated on trying to capture the atmosphere -not much chance of action shots with the fixed 35mm lens but everyone else was taking those with their Canikon DSLRs and kit zoom lenses anyway.It's very easy to take a load of rubbish photos at these meetings -as I know from previous experience- so I tried really hard to be discerning.Here are my efforts - all with the X1.And the last one is my favourite by far.And for those who are interested this was a DNG (RAW) file which I have adjusted in Lightroom.I bracketed the exposure and this one was the optimum or perhaps that should be the best compromise although I would have liked to have had the man on the rh side in a better position as he was in one of the less acceptable exposures.


  1. You were going for it in the first photo but it took all day for the light outside to be right and some smoke to make it for the last one. Well done. I had a similar experience this weekend at the 24 Hours of LeMons in Sonoma, CA. Still sorting though "a load of rubbish photos" as you say.

  2. Great photos, John, I wish I was there.