15 Feb 2014

It's raining.

It's 7.30 on Saturday evening and it's raining.And it's been raining on and off most of the day and I have very mixed feelings.Firstly we desperately need the rain.It has not rained here on the Central Coast of NSW and in Sydney since Christmas Day.The gardens are gasping for a drink and our water tanks are empty.Inland NSW the situation is much worse.They have not had any rain since October and they are in the grip of drought .Now many areas have had a proper soaking in the last 24 hours which will be very welcome.
On the other hand I am organising a Classic Porsche run tomorrow morning.I have been in a quandry.Do I call it off or do I take a chance? I have consulted the weather radar on the Bureau of Meteorolgy website and I am going to chance it and go ahead with the run in the belief that the rain band will have cleared overnight.I have told the cafe where we are ending up that it's on so all I need now is for the rain to ease or stop and the participants to turn up.We'll go if it's drizzling -we can't be too precious-and hopefully if it's monsoonal in the morning they will take a look here early morning to see if I have changed my mind!

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