16 Feb 2014

It's raining -contd.

Well I made the right call to not call off the Porsche drive but I did get the weather wrong.And worse than that on the way down the freeway to the meeting point whilst doing about 110kmh in light drizzle the wipers on my 1971 911 stopped working and a strong smell of burning came into the cabin.I pulled off at the next interchange and checked the fuses.No problem there so I drove gingerly to the meeting point.One of the drivers on the run had both a spanner which allowed me to remove the wiper arms which were right in my view and also miraculously had a bottle of Rain-X which we applied to the screen.
There was a turnout of 22 cars - including quite a few 356s.A few did not make it because of the rain but under the circumstances it was a great turnout.
I was the lead car on the drive which was fast over empty roads and with only light drizzle and as long as I kept above 80kmh the water beaded and flew up the screen.It was a lot more difficult down Bumble Hill and the Yarramalong Valley as I was pushing hard to keep up speed on the tight slippery roads.But on the run back home a couple of hours later after the coffee stop the rain was torrential and the traffic was heavy and very slow and it was 45mins of nightmare driving with very limited visiblity.I'll pull the trim out tomorrow and check the wiper motor.I suspect I'll be needing a new one.
I've made a note to keep a bottle of Rain-X in both cars -it's not much use standing on the garage shelf.Thanks to my saviour who had the good sense to carry his bottle in his car.
I'm not complaing about the rain.It's a wonderful sound on the tin roof and I'm sure that our tanks are filling fast.The farmers are dancing in the fields the rain is so welcome.UK readers will find this all very ironic.

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