21 Feb 2014

Colour photography the hard way

Next time you take a photo on your smartphone or digital camera and immediately upload it to Facebook or the send it to a friend reflect on how far colour photography has come in 100 years.
Some of the earliest colour photos at the turn of the 20th century were Autochromes.For an explanation on the extraordinary complexity of the Autochrome process I cannot better Wikipedia.See Autochrome

It was a slow, delicate process and a very far cry from today's truly instant electronic photography but it produced images of unusual beauty.

 Old photographic processes are being rediscovered -see this interesting video on old process Tintype.
It will be interesting to see if someone starts making Autochromes again.The four examples below are on public display in the photographic collection of the Deutsche Museum in Munich--an absolute treasure house of photographic and other scientific goodies including planes,trains and automotive items.See Deutsche Museum
When I visited the photography collection of the museum last year I was the only visitor and a museum volunteer manning the collection was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.

I also saw some superb Autochromes at the Lumiere Brothers Museum in Lyons ,France a few months ago -the brothers were the inventors of the Autochrome process.

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