6 Jan 2014

"Winter in America is cold..."

More guest photos but these are ones I could never have taken.David is a Porsche 356 owner and enthusiast and he also owns the great 550 replica which has featured on the blog previously.His day ( and night) job is a 747 pilot with Qantas and he sent me these unique photos from New York from last weekend-the weekend of the big snowstorm.
I'll let David tell the story-

We arrived at Kennedy at 5pm Saturday, as the sun set.
Perfectly clear skies and -8C.
I took these pictures through the front window, with my iPad, as we taxied in.
They aren't anywhere your high standard, but we're meant to be looking after the aeroplane, not our camera.
The runways and taxiways were iced, there were snow drifts up to 2ft on either side, waiting for the outboard engines to suck it up. Bang !
Everything was moving slowly. An arriving Air France A380 had been waiting for over 2 hours just to taxi onto his bay. Sacre Bleu.
A great experience.

And here's what New York looked like when he got into town.

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