19 Jan 2014

Two shows - a world apart

Two sets of photos of shows literally a world apart.There could not be a greater contrast between these two shows.The first was/is in Paris in a beautiful setting the Grande Palais.Cartier jewellery-arguably the world's greatest jeweller being viewed the day after Christmas Day by sophisticated Parisiens and others .Photos by Patrick Wheeler - Sony RX100. Cartier Exhibition, Grande Palais,Paris,December 2013.
The second show is downunder in far from sophisticated Gosford on the Central Coast of NSW,Australia.The Central Coast Machinery Show at a scorching hot ( 38ºC in the shade-that's 100ºF)Gosford Showground yesterday-18th Jan.Mainly old men -many farmers-looking and playing with old machinery-fire engines,stationery engines,farm tractors and other weird stuff which most of us would not give a second glance or would consider junk.A world away from the Grand Palais.Photos by me on my Leica X1.I wish that I had taken more but it was heat stroke territory.The car's aircon beckoned.
Please enjoy - it is truly a wonderful world.

Now make the switch-Paris in winter to dusty Gosford in a heatwave.Sophistication to well...

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  1. Great photos of old machinery! The B&W suits the era of the machinery. Nice touch.