17 Jan 2014

Twins stuff

Two photos about twins.The first seen on the street in Terrigal a few days ago shows identical cars with sequential rego numbers and even the "P" plates placed at the same jaunty angle-surely owned by girl twins -- perhaps even identical twins.They have to be girls - let's face it no self respecting boy would be seen dead driving a white Suzuki Alto-indeed any Suzuki Alto.
The second is my grandaughters-Poppy(R) and Scarlett(L) - identical twins - photographed last weekend early morning with their "bed" hair and "breakfast" faces.As always a grab shot and it was taken on auto which dialled in f2.8 which gave me almost no depth of field.If I had more time -- which you never have with the twins- I would have chosed an much smaller aperture so that both faces would have been in totally focus.As it is Poppy's face is pin sharp but Scarlett's is just marginally off.
This is a DNG (Raw) file which I have spent some time adjusting to try and get the skin tones right.The trouble with child photos is that we have the tendency to make them more "glowing" than they in fact are.Also the yellow wall and the early morning light made it more difficult.I'm still not totally happy that I have got this one right but my reference models have gone home.Leica X1 photos.

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