30 Jan 2014

Porsche stuff

I shot this local Turbo on my early morning walk last week.The owner used to have a beautiful silver 993 Turbo .He swapped it for this TechArt   Turbo .Each to his own and I am a purist.I am sure that this one goes faster...He did tell me how much he wanted for the beautiful 993 when he was selling it but predictably it was totally out of my league.Sadly.
Leica X1 photo given HDR treatment in Nik Collection HDR.I know...I should have taken it about 1.5 seconds earlier when the walkers were better positioned.

Now this one is weird.I was down in Sydney at Autohaus Hamilton,Porsche specialist in Brookvale earlier in the week collecting some air hoses James the parts manager had ordered in for me and he showed me this "Speedster" they are building for a customer.It was a big bumper G-series convertible which long nose front end panels have been grafted onto and I think James said a 3.8 motor although I may be wrong on the last point.Now I really should wait to see the finished car before passing comment but I do have to say that IMHO currently it looks weird-really weird.

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  1. The car in the picture is also a 993, albeit with all of the Tech Art goodies.

    Lovely (morning?) light John?