12 Jan 2014

Photos from a morning walk

Photos from my early morning walk-Sunday Jan 12th 2014.As it turned out a perfect day.Hot but not too hot.A clear deep blue sky.A house full of happy children.A much used pool.A trip to the beach.Children boogy boarding on the lagoon.Meals on the deck.Drying towels.Cold beers.Even a quick run in one of the Porsches.A 10 out of 10 day.Truly the lucky country at its best.
Some random photos.
Showering off after an early morning dip. 
The natural order of things.He's flat out and she's flat out cooking his breakfast. 
That's a church with broad appeal.
Yes , and.......? Meaningless sticker.
Ford Falcon,Terrigal style. 
All Leica X1 photos Sunday 12th January.

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