3 Jan 2014

Paris in December

I've only been in Paris in December once and that was a frantic business trip to Peugeot HQ back in 1986.It was probably about pricing.Most of the face to face meetings with Peugeot were about pricing.I do remember that I only arrived back home in Australia on 23rd December so I was not very popular at home and I also remember being at Orly Airport waiting for my Singapore Airlines flight which was delayed and thinking that if there are any more glitches on this trip I won't be home by Christmas but I made it.Sadly I had no time to take any photos on that trip but even if I had it was dark,wet and gloomy and even the fastest film would not have handled the conditions.
It was a different story for friend Patrick who was in Paris this Christmas.He used his Sony RX100 to capture some nice atmospheric shots on the run.Modern sensors are in a different league to slow old film in terms of taking night shots and the RX100 is a very competent compact camera.
It would be trite of me to say that I love Paris in December.It looks romantic but I know that it is also cold and gloomy.Yes in December Australia will do me nicely although on a few of our very hot recent days a few hours in Paris would have been welcome.Thanks for the photos Patrick.

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  1. Hi John,

    The padlocks are all gone from the Pont des Artes; apparently, the rust they made was affecting the bridge's structure. Believe what you will...