1 Jan 2014

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all TRR readers.May 2014 bring you health,happiness and fulfilment and if you are a photographer many great photo opportunities.And if you are Porsche driver many fast,fun and safe Porsche miles/kms with a total absence of speeding tickets.
Early morning 31/12/13,Terrigal Beach,Terrigal,NSW Australia.

Wet rocks early morning 1/1/14 Terrigal .

As you can see below the team here at TRR World HQ are flat out working on new stories for the blog for 2014.

All Leica X1 photos.For those interested in the technical details the boat and rocks are JPEG files - taken on the "natural" setting ,slightly cropped and with very minor tweaking in Lightroom 4.The cats are DNG files converted in LR4.


  1. I like them all but one of your latest, Wet Rocks, takes the cake. Was that the first shot in the New Year?

  2. Clarence,hi.Thanks for the kind comment.Yes it was the first photo of the year -just luck.

  3. I enjoy your pictures and am thinking about a Leica X2. Should I go with EVF or optical? I'm knew and this camera will be a retirement gift to myself. You and Steve Huff are the reason I am looking at an X2.

  4. John , I have not had the opportunity to try the Leica( made by Olympus) EVF as I use an X1.However whenever I have tried an EVF I have come away with the impression that I was watching a very small TV through a keyhole after I had drunk a few stiff martinis.As I used to have a Leica M6 my preference is for the OVF.I bought the Voigtlander one because it is under 50% of the price of the Leica one and it is made from metal whereas the Leica OVF is plastic.
    The EVF does give you all the focus and other info which is useful and the OVF does have a parallax issue when you shoot close up but I mentally adjust for that.
    The OVF is very bright and clear and it also does not use battery which is an important consideration.
    At the end of the day it is a personal choice but even if I had an X2 and the choice I would still go with the OVF
    The X1 and the X2 are really superb cameras.The IQ is quite brilliant.The fixed lens is an issue at first but in the end I found it liberating.The X1/2 are a bit offputting and frustrating at first.Persist and you will be rewarded