28 Jan 2014

Early morning people

A few weeks back for a change I decided to turn my camera away from the beach and the rocks and onto the people I see on my regular early morning walk on Terrigal's esplanade.I wasn't trying to shoot prize winning portraits -just photos on the fly,trying not to intrude,en passant,happy snaps to go,the world as I saw it one sunny morning.It's something anyone with a camera or even a smartphone could do although my walk is in a particularly pleasant location and is generally populated by friendly,smiling people.You may struggle if your early morning walk is downtown Detroit or Damascus.....

Anyway here's my collection-some of the Terrigal early morning people- starting with the always smiling team from the Terrigal Newsagency - Cathy, Amanda and Andrew - through to the others including Billy the dog.Thanks for smiling for my camera early morning people.
Leica X1 photos.

1 comment:

  1. Are they all on day release or did someone open the asylum gates? Great photos John.