26 Jan 2014

Australia Day

Well it's Australia Day - 26th January-Australia's national day celebrating the arrival of Captain Phillip and the First Fleet into Botany Bay on 26th January 1788.Not a day of celebration for the indigenous Aboriginal inhabitants though.
It should be hot and sunny but after weeks of stunning weather it's let us down-again.Here on the Central Coast of NSW it's gloomy and overcast and by our standards a cool 24ºC.A rerun of Christmas Day although it rained heavily on Christmas Day as well.In fact that was the last time it rained properly.
I'd like to show photos of happy Australians waving flags on the beach and I just went down to shoot some but the shots just looked dull.So here's a shot of a man doing something quintessentially Australian -dangling a line in the sea at dawn.Leica X1 photo.
However since writing the above at midday the sun has found his hat - the temperature has climbed and it has been a beautiful afternoon .

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