1 Dec 2013

Otto and camera woes

Camera sales are on the skids.At the bottom end of the market smartphones rule the roost so point and shoot camera sales have collapsed.At the top end sales of DSLR are also collapsing.The lack of real genuine improvements as opposed to useless gimmicks and window dressing and the sheer bulk of the gear has turned buyers off.Here in Australia camera retailers are literally piled high with heavily discounted DSLRs from Nikon and Canon.And now Canon are offering cashbacks across their range.Bit like selling cars .Even the new m4/3 and so called mirrorless high end cameras are not selling in the numbers the manufacturers would like except for the new wonder camera the fullframe Sony A7 but soon the novelty will pass on that one.

None of this matters to either me or my grandson Otto.He is still too young to worry about cameras and maybe by the time he is old enough to own one new cameras will have disappeared totally.I picked up my now positively antique small sensor Canon G9 and took this photo of him last week.The metadata says it was taken at ISO 200 which is about the max you can go on the G9 without the sensor noise becoming evident and even then I suppressed some noise in the processing.The jpeg file was processed in Lightroom and converted to black and white in SilverEFX.
If you are looking for a nice compact versatile and very competent camera for very little money pick up a G9 on eBay.It's a gem.
Now since blithely posting that last sentence I have been checking out G9 prices on EBay and they are far from little money.Quite the reverse.Seems like I am not the only one who appreciates the G9.

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  1. Go the Canon g series - mine is a G12.

    Lovely simple shot John... I'm sure his parents love it.